The Best Alternatives in the Market

Nowadays, image resizing is not a problem, as many free and paid tools are available online for image resizing. These tools come with user-friendly interfaces. Thus, users need not have expertise in graphic design to resize images using these tools.

Whether you are a blogger, social media marketer, or website owner, you can use various online alternatives. These tools help you to resize images without losing image quality.

Whether you need to create documentation, a presentation, or a website, creating high-quality and appropriately-sized images showcase your competence. Resizing images is a crucial aspect of webpage optimization.

With the increasing use of the online platform by individuals and businesses, seamless loading of websites is a must to allure users and give them an improved experience. We have resized the images for years, but those tools did not allow us to do the work intelligently.

In this article, we will learn about some of the best alternatives you can use for resizing images. They are easy-to-use and simple tools. Some of these tools allow batch resizing of images, saving time and energy.

Image Resolution: PPI and DPI

Regarding image resolution, we must know about PPI and DPI.

  • PPI is Pixels Per Inch, which refers to an image's display resolution. It means the number of pixels displayed in one inch of a digital image.
  • DPI is Dots Per Inch, and it refers to the printer resolution of an image. It is the number of ink on a printed page.

Physical Size and Memory Size of an Image

Physical Size of an image: It is the dimension for printing an image. For example, 9” x 11”.  It also refers to the dimension of an image displayed on the web. For example, 600 x 800 pixels.

Memory Size of an image: The memory size of an image file is the space needed to save the image file. For example, a JPEG file with 2 MB size means 2 MB space is needed on a drive to store that JPEG image file.

What is Image Resolution?

The resolution of the image refers to the number of pixels displayed per inch of the image. Higher image resolution means more pixels are present per inch of the image, thus creating a high-quality image.

Low-quality images have lesser pixels present per inch of the image. Changing the resolution of an image means you are specifying the number of pixels present per inch of the image.

Scaling versus resizing of images

Scaling of images is done in many applications such as PowerPoint, Word, Dreamweaver, etc. Scaling of images means stretching images to make them larger or scaling them to reduce their size.

The resolution of an image is not adjusted as per the new image size when scaling is done. During scaling, the pixels of an image get stretched and seem pixelated. If an image is scaled to a great extent, it may appear fuzzy.

Important things to remember while resizing images and screenshots

You add value to your products and services if you know how to resize images efficiently. Good-quality and properly sized images on your website help create a unique identity and improve your acceptance by the viewers. Here are the important things to remember while resizing images.

  • Use photo editing software to resize an image.
  • Try to avoid distorting or stretching images by locking the aspect ratio.
  • You should start resizing high-resolution images that are larger than your requirement.

Compressing Images

One important component of image resizing is image compression. With compression, image file size is reduced without compromising its quality. The image data is broken down into smaller packets during image compression and sent to the browser’s server. The data packets are reassembled to get the original image. There are two ways of compressing images.

Lossless compression

In this image compression technique, the image quality remains the same despite image compression. PNG and GIF files follow this compression technique. If you have a still image in GIF format, it is recommended to convert it into PNG format before you upload it to your website because GIF image files are larger than PNG files.

Lossy compression

In this technique, the image is compressed to a great extent, but image quality is also reduced. JPEG images have lossy compression of images.


The Best Alternatives


Home Page of Shrink media is a simple and intuitive image resizing tool by With this tool, users can easily drag an image or paste the URL of the image to e resized. Users can also preview the original and the reduced image on the same screen.

The image formats supported by are PNG, JPEG, JPG, and WEBP. The reduction of images is possible without losing image quality with The image has to be uploaded by either dropping the image or pasting the URL of the image on the designated site. Image reduction helps in faster web page loading, lesser bandwidth utilization, and improved user experience.

2. Adobe  Photoshop Express

Home Page of Adobe Photoshop Express

It is one of the most-preferred alternatives available on the web. With this image resizing tool, users can easily crop images. It is a free image resizing software and can crop images to be used on any social media platform.

With Adobe Photoshop Express, you can resize, adjust, and remove the background of an image. With this tool, it is possible to use other tools, such as straightening or effects, to ensure images are perfect. You can rename the edited image before downloading. It is an automated resizing tool, so users can use it without any hassle.

3. Social Image Resizer Tool

Home Page of Social Image Resizer Tool

It is another free image resizing tool. It is one of the most-used alternatives used for social media. This image resizing tool has pre-made templates. You can manually crop your images. There are many output options available for image resizing in this tool.

This tool's maximum size of an image file is 3 MB.  Users can select from cover and profile image options, thumbnails for albums and videos, and others. The file formats supported by this tool are PNG, JPG, GIF, and ICO.

4. FastStone Photo Resizer

Home Screen of FastStone Photo Resizer

This is another alternative to the tool for resizing images. You cannot choose to resize the image option from the main dashboard of this tool. You have to go to the Advanced Options button to select Resize option.

You can select from preset options for resizing images, or you can enter the desired size manually in terms of percentage, pixels, or print size. With this tool, you can optimize your images. There are options to adjust brightness, rotate, convert, rename, DPI, sharpness, brightness, and contrast images using FastStone Photo Resizer.


5. BeFunky

Home Page of BeFunky

It is one of the alternatives available to users free of cost. Users can specify percentage, width or height for resizing the image. You only have to specify the option for resizing, and the tool automatically does the size adjustment.

But users can also choose the width and height manually by unchecking the “Lock Aspect Ratio” box. Users have the option to upgrade to BeFunky free of cost and get more options, such as frames, touch-ups, effects, texts, etc., for their images.

6. Resize Pixel

Home Page of Resize Pixel

One of the popular alternatives is a free image resize tool Resize Pixel. It is a simple tool where users must specify the width and height of the image pixels. Users have to specify if they want to compress the final image without compromising quality.

The file formats supported by Resize Pixel tool are TIFF, JPG, PNG, GIF, WEBP, BMP, and others. This is one of the best tools to compress an image without compromising image quality.

7. Bulk Resize Photos

Home Page of Bulk Resize Photos

It is an image resize tool that is easy to use. Users can make choices according to their requirements from the menu available on the left side of the screen. The options for image resizing are based on percentage, width, height, longest size, and exact size.

The ‘longest side’ option means users can specify the number of pixels for the image's longest side. If you choose 600 pixels in the longest side option, a vertical or portrait image will have a height of 600 pixels, and a horizontal or landscape image will have a width of 600 pixels. With this tool, you can resize many images at a time.

8. Crello

Home Page of Crello

It is one of the easy-to-use and simple alternatives for image resizing. The file formats supported by this tool are PNG, JPG, and JPEG. This tool is perfect for resizing images for social media platforms, blog illustrations, advertisements or other print formats. You have to select resize specification from the preset menu. You can also manually type the pixel sizes or dimensions of the images.

9. Image Resizer

Home Page of Image Resizer

One of the appealing alternatives for image resizing has a modern user interface. Users without much technical background can resize images with simple steps. You have to select the file, choose the resize settings, and finally select resize option to get the edited image.

This tool comes with various resizing options. You can customize reset options or select from the predefined dimensions available in the tool. With this tool, you can correct the orientation or flip the photos. Users also get the option to change the file format or keep the original format. Users can also rename the file.

10. Resize Sense

Home Screen of Resize Sense

It is an image resize tool for Mac. Users can resize bulk images using this tool. Images can be resized for email, social networks, etc. There are many alternatives available for resizing images using Resize Sense. You can select the fixed dimension, fit to height, fit to width, resize by the shortest or longest side, set by file size, or crop images using Resize Sense tool.

11. Tweak Photos

Home Screen of Tweak Photos

It is a photo resizing app that comes with many options for enhancing and optimizing photos. It is an intuitive and simple app to be used on Mac. Users have to add photos for resizing, select specific effects for the photos and save the edited photos.

You can select the percentage and pixel specifications. This app allows users to rotate, crop, and watermark images. Users can also adjust the contrast and brightness of images using Tweak Photos.


12. ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate

Home Pag of ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate

It is a photo editing tool for Windows. It allows batch processing of photos. It is used by professional editors. You can resize multiple images by the following steps- Tools-àBatchà Resize. You have to give resize specifications and according to work will be done.

13.  Light Image Resizer

Home creen of Light Image Resizer

It is another windows app for image resizing. There are multiple options for the users to resize the image. Users can create their own profile or select from the preset profiles for resizing the image.

Other options available for the users are crop, stretch, fit, and extend to square or centre. This one of the most widely used alternatives improves and optimizes images. Users can convert, compress, rename, and watermark their images.


When webpage optimization is done for faster loading, the most common problem experienced is the improper image size on the webpage. Every time a page loads, the browser has to be busy resizing the images, thus increasing the load time of a webpage.

Slow loading of the webpage creates a negative effect on the users. Most users are likely to leave a webpage that takes more time to load. So, image resizing is an important aspect of webpage optimization. You can use any alternatives explained in the article and optimize your website for better user experience, less data usage, and increased conversion rate.

Learning Guide to Resize Your Images


Here, we have listed some of the commonly asked questions from the community. If you do not find the information you need, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

Why do we need to resize images?

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Resizing images is crucial for webpage optimization. If the image size is not reduced, the webpage will take more time to load. It will also utilize more data, and ultimately internet costs will be more. Resizing images helps load webpage faster, reduces data consumption, and improves the viewer’s experience. This ultimately results in better business.

Which is the best tool in the market for resizing images?

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The best online tool for resizing images is It is the best among all alternatives. With the help of, you can reduce the size of images easily. You can go to the website or download the app so that you can resize images anywhere, anytime. 

What is the difference between image file size and image size?

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People often confuse image file size and image size. The image file size is the storage space needed to save the file on a computer or other devices. The image file size is written in bytes. The image size is measured in inches, centimetres, or pixels. It is used for referring to the image dimension.

What is the aspect ratio?

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The aspect ratio is the comparison of the image’s width to its height. For example, an image with an aspect ratio of 1:1 means the image has the same width and height and will be a square.

What are the image resizing tools available on Mac?

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The image resizing apps available on Mac are BatchPhoto, PhotoSize, JPEGmini,  Polarr, Image Resizer, Tweak photos, Resize Sense, Sizerox, etc.

Which is the best photo resizer app?

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Here's a list of the best photo resizer apps:

  • Adobe Photoshop Express
  • Image Size - Photo Resizer
  • Photo & Picture Resizer
  • Resize Me!


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