How to Resize PNG Images Online?

With an online image resizer and optimizer tool, you can give your PNG images the perfect size to match a range of applications. Whether you require quick and easy image resizing for a social media profile or a product photograph for an online store, it makes your life easier. 

We have discussed the top 5 applications (mobile and web) that are suitable for resizing PNG images, but I am sure your mind must still be wondering which one is the best. To sort out the confusion going on, we recommend using

Everyone at some point has participated in a project or had an assignment. We often wander off when we know little about a particular topic. Let us imagine that the assignment or your project is about something related to images; this article is for you. Learn more about editing photos, what they are, various types of image files, etc. A digital image represents (binary) visual data, such as drawings, gifs, and photographs. 

There are two types of digital image files- Vector and Raster. Raster files are made up of colored and arranged pixels, whereas vector graphic files are a combination of geometry and mathematical commands. Examples of vector files are- logos and illustrations. As easy as resizing images sounds, many people have trouble editing them. 

One can resize images on various devices -desktop, tablet, mobile phone. Size is crucial when it comes to online images. Especially for those with slow internet speed and who find it difficult to wait for a page with photos to load. As a result, people frequently lose their cool and move on to another platform. Make sure you only upload photographs that are the proper size to the internet.

What are Png images?

Portable Network Group or PNG are Raster image files that makeup graphics. The commencement of this feature was to take the place of GIF. PNG images frequently utilized formats have an extremely vibrant color palette.

These uncompressed images can handle artwork with translucent or partially transparent backgrounds. No matter how many times the image saves, there is no decrease in the image's quality.

Since PNG is an open format, anyone may read and edit these files, and they can store more detailed photos. Since there is no patent, no permission is required to alter these files. It is simpler to keep and share since, as was already noted, even when compressed or edited, it retains all its data.

What is Image Resizing?

Image resizing is about increasing or decreasing the number of pixels in an image file. Incorrect resizing could result in the unnecessary stretched image, grainy or pixelated, giving your file a shabby appearance. It's about altering the physical dimensions of the image file. 

Perks of resizing png images with

Uploading photos to social media and the internet: Everyone enjoys taking selfies, sharing them, and using them as their profile pictures, posting them on social media. It can be very upsetting when the app's size constraints or prevents you from using your favorite image as your display picture.

At times, the image size is large enough to hang your device. Imagine the time and data that it would take up to share. Many social media apps, like WhatsApp and Snapchat, have size restrictions for exchanging images and documents. Sharing and downloading WhatsApp files larger than 25Mb takes a lengthy time.

Uploading images and documents on a website

When uploading files to a website, keep in mind that it will take longer to load larger files. Most websites won't accept files that are larger since doing so could cause the site to lag, take longer to load, crash, or put extra strain on the server.

Sharing files(images/docs) via mail

Mailing files often cause hassle significantly when it exceeds the size limit. Resizing your images or files can help reduce the burden off your shoulders.

Save storage space

The less the file size, the more space you have on your device. PNG image files do not lose quality, no matter how much they are resized or compressed. 9oLet's say you are filling out a form online, and you are supposed to attach an image in the form, but the file size should be no more than 2-5kb. It is where resizing comes in handy.  

As mentioned, no matter how much you resize (compress or enlarge) the image, png file formats preserve the picture quality. It is a plus point for professionals who wish to make changes and keep the picture's quality intact.

There certainly are many questions that pop up in our mind, like are these applications free? Do they support IOS or Android operating systems? Can they be used on desktop versions, or are they compatible with windows or Mac? Do they save our personal information or data? To solve your queries, we provide you with the top 5 best PNG image resizers and their features and steps to use them.

Home Screen of


  • Shrink media Supports various image file formats- png, jpeg, jpg, webp.
  • Low data consumption or used while editing.
  • Latest AI technology provides fast and clean results.
  • For bulk transformations, buy the truly worth subscription pack.


Step 1 - Visit the site on Google or download the app on your android/iOS device.

Step 2 - If you have visited the site, swipe a little down, and you'll notice a box with multiple options- uploading or pasting an image URL to edit the dimensions.

Step 3 - Click on upload image, and select the picture you want to resize. You can also paste the link if you don't have the photo but the URL link. For this, you need to do is click on paste URL.

Step 4 - Once you have pasted the URL or selected the image, adjust the settings- provides you some flexibility to alter the dimensions and quality of your image. You can modify the photograph quality from 0 to 100% and change the photo dimensions (i.e., height and width) accordingly.

Step 4 - Once done, click on the compress, and within seconds your transformed image will appear, click on the download button and save the picture.

Home Screen of tinypng


  • Tiny png Supports various file formats like Jpg, png, webp.
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac Operating systems (PC).
  • For uploading many images at a time as you want, download the subscription pack.


Step 1 - Visit the tiny site png. 

Step 2 - A new window will open. There will be the option to upload files in a grey-dotted-box. Click on the arrow pointing down to browse and select your image.

Step 3 - But to upload files, there is a size limit- of 5MB. It will not accept files more extensive than the size mentioned.

Step 4 - Once you upload the image, the site automatically processes and reduces around 80% of the picture. Within minutes your png file size is reduced. You can click on download the image and save.

Home page of


  • It is simply a web application that runs on web browsers like- chrome, safari, Firefox, Explorer 10+
  • You can Upload images in bulk, but generally, the files delete automatically within an hour.
  • It has an already set compression level.
  • You need to buy the subscription pack to get access to additional features and unlimited resizing.


Step 1 - Visit the site iloveimg, click on the blue button that says select images. You can select photos from Dropbox or browse through your drive file.

Step 2 - Within minutes a new page will open along with your image. To adjust the picture's dimensions, click on the settings icon on the right side of the page.

Step 3 - There are options available such as adjusting by pixels or percentage and editing the width and height of the image. 

Step 4 - Adjust the details and click on resize (blue button on the bottom of settings). 

Step 5 - Within seconds it will download your image.

Online PNG tools

Home page of Online PNG tools


  • Has various png editing options available.
  • You can only edit five images per day. You must download the subscription pack for unlimited use, no ads, and access to additional features.
  • Web application, suitable in the desktop version.


Step 1 - Visit the site onlinepngtools.

Step 2 - It will take you to the site; there will be two big boxes and one small box, the big ones in grey and blue color. 

Step 3 - Click on the gray box to paste the image picture, browse through your files, and select the PNG image you want to resize. 

Step 4 - Within minutes it will load your image. There will be a small blue box below the picture. It is for making edits to the photograph and adjusting the dimensions of your image.

Step 5 - To save the image, just click on the save as option in the middle of the blue box, and then you will be able to see the Download option on the left side of the box. Click on download and save the image. 

Let us explain why, from the other applications mentioned, some sites have a set compression level, which means you cannot make proper adjustments or do specific editing. For professionals, this is a big NO! Other web applications are best if used in desktop versions, which means using them on a smartphone is tough.

Most web applications lag and do not have a friendly user interface. It makes the job much more complicated. Many of them don't provide extra services. And some of them have a set number of files you can edit daily, which is awful! 

However, provides various services, including editing, image resizing, background removal, etc. It supports JPG, JPEG, PNG, and Webp formats. The best tool for fast and efficiently resizing photos. Images are reduced in size while maintaining quality, thanks to Shrink Media. It supports Android and iOS smartphones.

It is much more than a PNG resizing tool. The online image editor is available for both professionals and personal users. The PNG resize feature of shrink media is one of the multiple tools you can use for free. You can also use image effects, remove backgrounds, and more to produce unique visual designs.

  • Free software to resize png images and download them on your desktop.
  • Get a free web application to reduce the size of your png image file now. 
  • Resize pictures and maintain quality for free online. 
  • Download the application to resize the PNG image file for free. 
  • Resize vector and raster images.
  • Compress and download images in PNG format for free. 
  • Compress or reduce the size of your png image but maintain the quality with the best app.
  • Enlarge or reduce image size according to the website or app size restraints. 

In brief, it is an app to resize images compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and windows and Mac operating systems. 


Here, we have listed some of the commonly asked questions from the community. If you do not find the information you need, feel free to reach out to us at

How can I resize PNG images for free?

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Step 1 - Open

Step 2 - Upload the PNG image using upload button and system gallery

Step 3 - Set parameter values and press compress

Step 4 - You’ll have the resized image on the right side. Edit the image further or download it in your system.

Will I lose the image quality by resizing online?

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The tools are designed to ensure that you get a perfect quality image. However, you may lose some of the image quality while resizing it, but it would improve the web performance of your site. 

How do I reduce PNG file size to 100 kb?

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Step 1 - Open application or website.

Step 2 - Upload the png image that you want to compress.

Step 3 - Set the parameter values or specify the height and width of the image that you want as in result.

Step 4 - Press compress.

Step 5 - You’ll have the transformed image as per the parameters that you required. Download and save it in your system.

How do I resize a PNG file in Windows?

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Step 1 - Open your browser in the windows and search for

Step 2 - Click on

Step 3 - Upload the png file in the tool and set parameter values that you desire.

Step 4 - Compress the image.

Step 5 - Download the transformed image.

Can I scale up a PNG file for free?

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Yes, by provides free image resizing for the first few transformations. You need to sign up and log in to your account where you’ll be provided with free monthly credits. You can use them and resize your png files for free.

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