How to Resize Gif Images Online Free - Complete Guide

Many apps and sites online can help you reduce and compress the size of your gifs easily. It helps further to save space in your device and provide better web performance. However, if you need to resize png, jpg, jpeg, or webp image formats, you can get reliable services using

Gifs or Graphic interchange format or Gif, it's a format for image files that supports both animated and static images. A gif is more like an animated image. They were created in 1987. Gifs are in raster file format (there are two types of graphics-vector and raster). Gifs are famous as they're hilarious and an interactive source of communication. Gifs have a Maximum 256 color limit.

Gif image files are common for displaying graphics and logos. They also support animation, which makes them meme material! Gif images loop continuously. They are not videos, but like a boomerang (they're soundless).

Gifs are as simple as emoticons or "stickers" as they integrate into our daily social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. We all must have shared gifs once in our life, it is fun and interactive, and they also contain text and images together, which makes it much easier to show what we want to say without actually typing it. It's easy and fun.

How to Create a Gif?

Many of us have seen and downloaded gifs shared with friends and groups. Everyone must have thought once about making a gif, be it out of our pictures or from the movie scenes we like. Well, you can! You can create GIFs using images and videos on Android and iOS systems.

There are various ways, Apps, and sites through which you can create gifs! You can make them free online or buy a subscription to get extra features. Apps like gif maker, toonator, make a gif, etc., are some online tools you can use for free. 

Many have browsed through, downloaded, and shared gifs with friends or groups. Everyone must have considered creating a gif, whether it be from their photos or their favourite movie moments. Well, the good news is you can! Be it on Android and iOS devices. You also make GIFs out of images and videos. This article will demonstrate several gif creation techniques.

There are several methods, Websites, software, and apps for making animated GIFs! You can create them online for free or pay for a subscription to access other features. Free online tools include applications like gif maker, toonator, make a gif, etc.

How to Make a GIF using WhatsApp

Step 1 - Open a chat. Select the video you want to turn unit a gif.

Step 2 - As soon as the video loads, trim the video to 5-6 seconds. Then you'll see the gif icon to convert the video.

Step 3 - After you trim the video, in the top right corner, you'll notice a gif written, tap on it, click and send and then you can save it or add it to your favourite.

How to Make Gifs using an Android phone (Without using an App)

  • The primary method of making gives using an Android phone is to long press and select the images you want to turn into giving, tap on creating an available option on certain Android phones, and tap gif.
  • If you want to make a gif using videos- tap on the gallery, go to videos, select a video, then tap on play video. On the extreme top right corner, you'll see an icon Gif; tap on the gif and viola.

How to create a GIF on an iPhone (Without using an App/Site)

Step 1 - Open the camera app, tap on settings, click the live photo option, and shoot a live photo (the icon looks like a circle).

Step 2 - Go to the gallery, tap on live photos, and select the image you want to turn into a gif. This option can change for some iPhone users as new versions come by.

Step 3 - After clicking a live photo, open the gallery, select the image, and tap on the top left corner. There will be a few options like loop, bounce, live, etc. Click on loop, and your gif is ready! Share among your friends and enjoy.

Why do we Need to Resize Gifs?

As much as they're fun, we all know bigger files take longer to load. Be it creating a gif or sharing memes or gifs on social media apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, etc., Compared to images, GIFs take longer to load.

They contain multiple frames. The more frames, the longer the duration. A Gif of 3-4 seconds can take about 30-40 frames. To make our lives more fun and share gif files more accessible, resizing them is best.

We can also see gifs on websites- like a character pointing at the title or towards a subscription discount, etc. Websites try to reduce the file size of whatever they upload. The larger the file size on a side, the more time it will take to load, and not everybody has free time or a proper network connection to wait for the buffer to load. 

Make Gifs using videos, YouTube links, and images. Various apps and online sites can help you convert/edit/resize images/ or videos into a gif. Some of the online tools available for both iOS and Android are:

Resizing GIFs with the Help of Tools 

Gif resizer


  • Creating Gif.
  • Resizing, cropping, editing.
  • Image compressor.
  • Android.


Step 1 - Open the site in Google Chrome.

Step 2 - As soon as the site loads, click on "browse" and select or upload the animated GIF you want to resize.

Step 3 - Drag and drop the file.

Home Page


  • Image resizing, crop.
  • Free to use online.
  • Supports format - GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP.


Step 1 - Open the site on your PC.

Step 2 - As the site loads, click on upload, choose the file you want to edit or paste the gif URL.

Step 3 - Upload the file and, wait for a few minutes, adjust the dimensions (width and height).

Step 4 - Select the ratio and click resize. 


Home Page of Aspose


  • resize gifs
  • Resize images
  • Crop and edit
  • Free to use


Step 1 - Open the site and click on the fifth tool- resize gif.

Step 2 - Let the page load and tap on the upload your file option to select the file you want to edit.

Step 3 - Adjust the quality type and dimensions of the gif.

Step 4 - Click on resize and save the file as a gif/png/image etc.

Using to Resize PNG, JPG, JPEG, and WEBP Images Online is a free online image editor that lets you resize your photos in seconds, either automatically or manually, and send them off for printing or web publishing.

It's not like other editing sites where you have to download programs and sift through multiple does it all for you. Follow the below steps to reduce the size of your png, jpg, jpeg, or webp images using

Step 1 - Open by app or website.

Home Page of

Step 2 - Upload the image using the upload button. Select the desired image from the gallery or system folder.

2nd Step to Upload image

Step 3 - After uploading the image, you'll need to set your image's quality and dimension parameters and press on a compress.

Step 3 - After uploading the image, you'll need to set your image's quality and dimension

Step 4 - transforms your image per your valuable input and generates a resized image. You can further edit the parameter values to get a perfectly resized image or download it. 

Step 4 - transforms your image per your valuable input and generates a resized image

Step 5 - Download the image and save it in your system for further use.

Last and final step to Download image in low resolution

Learning Guide to Resize Your Images


Here, we have listed some of the commonly asked questions from the community. If you do not find the information you need, feel free to reach out to us at

What is the process of editing a GIF online?

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Select the video or any GIF that you want to edit as a GIF. Do the changes needed, adding the texts or emojis. Finally move it as a GIF in your folder.

Does the quality of GIF changes while playing with the size of a GIF online?

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It all depends how are you doing it and what apps are you using to fulfill the purpose.

Is it possible to resize GIf over a smartphone?

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Yes it is possible! You need to download the compatible application and then start with the process.

Is it possible to resize GIF online?

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Yes, it is possible to resize GIFs using different online tools.

Does GIF reduce quality?

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GIF files use lossless compression, so they do not reduce quality when compressed.

Why is GIF bigger than JPG?

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GIF files may be bigger than JPG files due to several reasons. GIFs support animation and transparency, which can increase the file size compared to JPGs that only support static images. Additionally, GIFs use a limited color palette, resulting in larger file sizes than JPGs that can display millions of colors.


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