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Reduce the file size of your images by smartly compressing & reducing dimensions, and download the compressed images for free

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Can you Spot the Difference?

Here is a comparison between the original image and compressed image. On left, you see the original image in PNG format. On right, you see the same image compressed intelligently using our

Before Compression

Size 23 MB
Dimensions 1500X700

After Compression

Size 5 MB
Dimensions 750X350

Benefits of Using

Our intelligent compression technique offers numerous advantages that enhances users web experience

Faster Web Pages Loading
Reduced image size results in faster loading of web pages, improving web performance
Less Bandwidth Utilization
Lower file size also results in lower bandwidth utilization
Better User Experience
Higher page load speed enhances overall user experience

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    • Kai Miller

      Shrink.Media has simplified my graphic design process. I can now share drafts and concepts with clients more efficiently, thanks to the quick and effective image compression. A true time-saver!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we have listed some of the commonly asked questions from the community. If you do not find the information you need, feel free to reach out to us at

What is is an image compression tool that automatically reduces file size of images in a matter of seconds. It reduces the size by smartly compressing and reducing the dimensions of the image.

Can I Reduce the Size of an Image for Free?

Yes, with you can reduce the size of an image for free. It helps you to compress and resize your image with ease without losing the quality of your image. provides various subscription plans for commercial or professional use.`

What Image formats do supports? now supports the image types PNG, JPG, JPEG, WEBP and HEIC.

How can I use for bulk processing or commercial purposes?

You can batch process your images using our product Pixelbin offers real-time image transformations with automatic optimization, image URLs, and storage for your media library.

What is the maximum image resolution / file size?

The maximum output resolution and size supported is 5000 x 5000 px and 25 MB.

How do I Resize an Image without losing its Quality?

Well, the answer to this is very simple. Solutions like help you resize and compress your images online without losing quality.

How to Decrease the Pixel Size from an Image Online?

You can decrease the pixel size of an image by using Here are the steps you need to follow:
Step 1:
Go to’s application (available on AppStore and PlayStore) or website and upload the image you wish to reduce the pixel size.
Step 2:
Pick the pixel size you wish to decrease your image size, and then pick the height and width you want for your image
Step 3:
Download the resized image by clicking on the Download option. - Reduce Image Size Online For Free.

In today's digital age, images are crucial in online communication. However, the size of an image can greatly impact website loading speed and overall user experience. This is where online photo resizer and image optimizer tools come in handy.

These savvy tools like enable the users to decrease pixel size and reduce the file size of an image without compromising on its quality. And since it is an AI-powered online photo resizer and image optimizer tool, it works as a simple and efficient solution to reduce image size online for free.

And to save you from this hassle, helps you reduce the pixel size from your image to make them load faster without compromising the quality and cropping.

What Makes A Perfect Fit For You?

Adding images to your website enhances how you present your products to a large audience, but heavier files might slow down your website's performance.

Hence, impacts the user experience. You can use image resizers like to level up how your website images work. is one of the best image optimisers online that helps you resize image pixels online for free.

Improved Website Performance is an easy and affordable solution to reduce the pixel size of your image so that they take up less space on your website.

It helps you save time and money when you talk about web hosting and aids in speeding the page load time for users with a slower internet connection.

Make your Website Rank Higher

In 2015, Google revised PageSpeed Insights and began labelling sites with large images as slow as the page loading speed affects your ranking.

With, you can lower the size of your image without compromising image quality. Resize your image online for free with and boost your rankings.

Bulk Image Size Reduction. offers bulk image size reduction with the help of, which helps you save time. You can contact the experts at and get a custom plan that fits the needs of your enterprise.

Per our users, simple image resizer has one of the best bulk image resizing and optimising features. You can download the image resizer online, which will help you to resize the image without losing the quality.

Save Time Without Compromising On Quality

Everyone wants their website to load quickly. No user would want to wait for their images to hold up while waiting for their image to load., you can lower your pixel size upto a resolution of 5,000 x 5,000 px and get stunning photos. Reducing pixel size from an image or resizing an image online has never been easier.

How to Reduce the Pixel Size of an Image Using

Reducing the pixel size from an image using is the easiest. Here are the steps to resize your image:

Upload the Image – Go to the app or website and upload the image you wish to reduce the pixel size.
Pick The Resizing Option – Once your image is uploaded, you must pick the pixel size that works well for you. You must also add the width and height you want for the image.
Save Your Image – The step is downloading the image by clicking Download.

Voila! You now have your image with its pixel size decreased.

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