Resize Images Online Free (Instant Reduction in Image Size)

Get various editing options while compressing your picture. These options for compression depend on how you plan to use the images, such as emailing or uploading to apps with upload limits. You can choose to compress all of the pictures of the file or just the ones you want.

We will work efficiently towards solving your issues. Reduce the size of your files and share them with friends and family without worrying about size restrictions. Available for free on the website and apps. supports both iOS and Android phones.

Imagine your profile without a picture; I can't; it's like hiding my identity or, worse taking away my identity. Pictures speak a thousand words. They are essential and subjective, and that's what makes them interesting. 

We all love to click and share selfies and photos on social media. With all of this fun, some silly obstructions, such as size limit restrictions, prevent us from sharing large-sized files. And if we are in a hurry, we often compromise the quality of our image just to get that compressed size. It doesn't have to be like that.  

Why Do We Need to Resize Images? 

Resizing photos is the process of reducing the size of a picture to conserve a lot of space on a person's phone or computer storage. It is beneficial when uploading a photo to a website or sharing images on apps with a size restriction. It makes sharing images easier! Create YouTube thumbnails, add a reel cover for Instagram, and so much more. 

Why Choose Shrink.Media?

Numerous websites and applications may help you shrink and compress images, but many degrade the final product's quality and some cost money. We are all forced to consider which website offers the most advantages; where can I find it? This is where we help you out.

Whether we need to mail our assignments on time or upload an important document on a website that actually takes longer than expected to load can be really annoying and stressful. Imagine that you have three minutes left, and the image you submitted is larger than the permitted size.

Believe me; nobody wants to be in such a frustrating situation. These questions must have popped into your mind- Which course of action should I take? Where can I find a website to help me reduce or compress my file size in minutes? It is when you go for Shrink.Media

Perks of using Shrink Media

  • You can alter the Photo quality according to your needs- select the percentage of the quality you want for your image, from 0-100%. 
  • You can also adjust the photo dimension- dimensions are the length and width of a digital image. Changing the image dimensions affects the photo quality and file size. 
  • We support the following formats – PNG, JPEG, JPG, and WEBP. 
  • Available for online use, we have sites and apps. You can use our resize feature on the website itself, it's easy to load, and there are steps to guide you.
  • Less data usage - our website and app work well and don't consume much data. Data usage of our website will be much lower when compared to other sites. 
  • No lags, no lengthy procedures, no hassles! Just a few clicks, and your work is done.
  • You can also download Mobile apps- we support android and iOS systems. Our app is available on both Play Store and app store.
  • Our Platform is accessible worldwide, and our website is available in various languages, to make it helpful for people who don't speak or understand much English.
  • We ensure your file/image safety, Shrink.Media provides and works with a secure network connection. We do not save personal information that includes- images, passwords etc. We respect your privacy.

Where Can We Use Resized Images? 

Uploading profile pictures

on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter- Nobody would want to connect with a profile that looks fake. A picture adds a personal touch to your feed or a page. It gives you identity, and you don't want to be identified as something you're not. 


Publishing images on the website with size restrictions

Very few of the multiple websites on the internet have an image input resolution that is extremely high. Most websites have a size restriction while submitting your photo, whether you're filling out an exam or application form. Additionally, we don't want to miss the deadline, do we? This concern will be a matter of seconds with shrink media.


Posting images on blogs

Most blogs don't have a size limit, but if you are uploading something on your page or a blog, the bigger the file size, the more it will take for the page to load. People won't wait forever to have your page load or see your art piece if it costs them a lot of time—especially the ones with slow internet connection. 


Posting photos on social media like

Facebook and Instagram- a lot of you might not be aware, but Instagram has a minimum size limit for uploading your profile picture. Not only this, but it has a fixed ratio of an image of 320 to 1,080 pixels. If your uploaded image does not fit in the given ratio, then Instagram will change the image quality and affect the picture resolution. 


Sending photos via email

We know email attachments have a size restriction. It is really upsetting when you want to share a beautiful photo, but the compression process also degrades the quality of your image, whether it be in documents or pictures. You require a service like ours to assist you in compressing the file while maintaining its quality. 


Once more, there is no end to the size constraint

Take WhatsApp, for example; the larger the file size, the longer it takes to exchange or download a file (picture). While we are sharing enormous files, some apps just wholly hang. There is a 16 MB limit for WhatsApp files, media, and chats and sharing content on Instagram also affects the quality of the image.

The maximum file size limit on Snap Chat for sharing a photo or video is 3 Mb. Isn't that too little? All that's left is to reduce the photographs' size to under 3 MB while hoping to preserve their quality.

Steps to Reduce Image Size Using

Step 1 - Open the site Shrink media or download the app on your iOS / Android.

Home Page of Shrink Media

Step 2 - As you load the site, you'll notice a box with options to edit dimensions and another option to upload images. Click on upload image, add in the picture or paste the image URL you want to compress.

2nd Step to Upload image

Step 3 - The image will automatically be loaded; then, you need to adjust the dimension(dimensions are the length and width of a digital image). Choose the quality percentage you want your image and tap on a compress.

3rd Step to Compress image

Step 4 - Once the image loads, you'll get notified about the picture resolution, the space you saved and the percentage of reduction.

4th step to Download image in original Size or compressed

Step 5 - Click on download to save the image.

last and final Step to Download image with Reduce Size

Step 6 - If you want to change the picture, there is a boxed option called "try another image" tap on that to select a new image. 

The only tool you need to use to compress pictures, either for personal or professional purposes, is Shrink Media  No hassles, no lags, and no pointless ads! Not only easy and simple, but our services are also Free of cost. 

With the help of Shrink Media, you can now compress the size of your images in any format- JPG, JPEG, WEBP, PNG etc., Reduce the file size and free up space on your phone or hard drive while staying stress-free about the quality of the image. 

Learning Guide to Resize Your Images


Here, we have listed some of the commonly asked questions from the community. If you do not find the information you need, feel free to reach out to us at

Can I scale up a PNG file for free?

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Yes, by provides free image resizing for the first few transformations. You need to sign up and log in to your account where you’ll be provided with free monthly credits. You can use them and resize your png files for free.

Can I reduce the size of PNG image?

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Yes, of course you can. Using

Step 1 - Open

Step 2 - Upload the PNG image using upload button and system gallery

Step 3 - Set parameter values and press compress

Step 4 - You’ll have the resized image on the right side. Edit the image further or download it in your system.

How do I compress a 2 MB image?

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Step 1 - Open application or website.

Step 2 - Upload the image that you want to compress. Ensure it is in a png, jpg, jpeg, or webp format.

Step 3 - Set the parameter values or specify the height and width of the image that you want as in result.

Step 4 - Press compress.

Step 5 - You’ll have the transformed image as per the parameters that you required. Download and save it in your system.

How do I resize a PNG file in Windows?

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Step 1 - Open your browser in the windows and search for

Step 2 - Click on

Step 3 - Upload the png file in the tool and set parameter values that you desire.

Step 4 - Compress the image.

Step 5 - Download the transformed image.

How to reduce file size?

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To reduce the file size of an image, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to website.

Step 2: Click "Upload Image" to upload the image you want to compress.

Step 3: Choose the compression level based on your needs.

Step 4: Click on "Compress" to start the compression process.

Step 5: Once the compression is complete, click "Download" to download the compressed image.

By following these steps, you can effectively reduce the file size of your image using

How do I reduce the file size to 100KB?

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Yes, with, you can easily reduce the file size of your image upto 100KB or smaller while maintaining acceptable image quality.


Remove Background for Free
Reduce Image Size For Free

You can reduce the file size of your images of any objects, humans or animals and download them in any format for free.

Quick And Easy To Use
Quick And Easy To Use

With, you can easily reduce the file size of your images by using the Drag and Drop feature or click on “Upload.”

Remove Background From Any Platform
Reduce Image Size For Any Platform can be accessed on multiple platforms like Windows, Mac, and Android.

Can Be Used For Work And For Personal Use
Can Be Used For Work and Personal Use can be used for personal and professional use. Reduce file size for your collages, website projects, product photography, etc.

Highly Accurate AI
Highly Accurate processes your image accurately and reduces the file size of your images automatically.

Saves Time And Money
Saves Time And Money

You won’t have to spend extra money or time on purchasing expensive softwares to reduce image file size.

Download High Quality Images For Free

Download images in the same resolution that you upload

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