Resize JPG Images Online Free (Instantly Reduce Image Size)

It is easy to resize JPG images if you know the techniques and the right software like It involves advanced techniques that assist in providing quality compressed images. You can upload the image and set the requirements for quality and dimensions, ensuring the best quality for your image.

We all see ads, sites and apps claiming to edit or convert pictures in JGP format or documents into JPG format. Most of the time, when we fill out a digital form, it requires a photo to be uploaded. Along with this, there are limitations on the size limit and file type, for example- Size limit-5MB, file type- JPG, PNG etc. You must have thought about what these short forms mean and why they are widely used.  

What Does JPG mean?

Jpg or jpeg is Joint Photographic Experts Group" are (digital) image file formats that are used in digital photography. An image file format consists of digital data that can be compressed or not; it may exist in different graphic formats(vector and raster). 

I assume you're considering the difference between JPG and JPEG. Well, there is not much difference. JPG is just the filename extension or, in simple terms, an acronym of JPEG. Other filename extensions for JPEG images are .Jpg, .jpe, .jpeg etc. JPG files contain compressed data. These images are pixel-based, which means they are Raster images. (a type of digital graphics).

It is prevalent and widely used to edit documents and photographs and share files (photos) on the web and social media. This word is used essentially everywhere. JPG images are tightly packed or highly compact. These pictures have a pretty high amount of compression and low-quality loss in the images.

Perks of having the image in JPG FORMAT

  • JPG files are very compressible, as they have a compression algorithm, and they're widely used when sharing images/photos online (social media/internet).
  • Compatibility- JPG images are compatible with almost all devices and software. Android, iOS (smartphone)s, PC-Windows, Linux, Mac. They all support JPG image format. 
  • Produces high-resolution images(high definition).
  • JPGs are more flexible when it comes to compression and editing.
  • While uploading pictures on a website or a blog, it's essential to note that the bigger the size of the files, the more time your site will take to process. Using large images can take forever to load. This is where JPG formats come in handy. It reduces the size of the files/photos, saves time and enhances the User experience.
  • Since JPG images are raster by nature, if you upload any image saved as .jpg or .jpeg, your audience will see wonderful images of top-notch quality.
  • JPG formats can handle large image sizes.
  • JPG file format supports thousands of colours and can display around 16 million colours at once.

Why resize images? 

Reducing the photo size is a method that saves a lot of space on a person's phone or computer storage. It is beneficial when sharing photographs on applications or uploading images to websites with size restrictions. It facilitates the sharing of pictures.

Uses of Resized images-

Sharing files

via mail is a little tricky, considering Gmail has file size limits or size Restrictions. Imagine mailing an important document, but the only issue is the image exceeding the size limit. will help you compress the image within seconds.

Uploading photos on social media

Various social media apps also have a minimum and maximum file upload limit. Let's take Snapchat as an example. The maximum limit of uploading your file/image is only 3 MB. Even Instagram has a set ratio. If the picture uploaded exceeds the ratio, Instagram will crop and degrade the quality of the image.

Publishing images on websites

Did you know why some websites take longer to load than others? have you noticed the difference? The most basic reason is that the more significant the file(image) uploaded on the website, the longer it will take to load. Therefore, many people use resizing applications to reduce the image size and save it in a Jpg format for better and faster results. 


Why choose 

Everybody needs a website or an app that can come in handy when things become challenging. Consider submitting an online form quickly before the deadline and having a picture that exceeds the size limit.

This document must be shared by an app or sent via mail. But both the app and mail have file size Restrictions. Now there are many websites and apps, but they either take too long to load, have persistent ads, cost money or even if everything else looks nice, the picture quality suffers when it is compressed.

You're probably wondering where to look for such a powerful tool online that will compress and shrink your image's size and maintain its quality, and this is where comes in as your Savior. is a website that offers free use of various services. That Includes Image size reduction services as well. It supports several image formats like JPG, JPEG, PNG, WEBP and more. We not only have a website, but you can also download our smartphone app. 

Perks of using

  • Offers multiple options to edit the dimensions according to your preferences for the image.
  • Easy to use and simple steps.
  • Fast process, compresses your photos within seconds. 
  • Our platform is accessible worldwide and is available in various languages to help people who cannot understand English properly. 

Steps to Reduce JPG Image Size

Step 1 - Visit the site Shrink media or download the app on your mobile phone. 

Home Page of Shrink media

Step 2 - Let's say you go on the website, and as soon as you open the page, you will see a box-like image in the center, along with a few other options. One is an uploaded image, and the others are regarding the dimension. 

2nd ST

Step 3 - Click on the Upload the picture option and choose the picture from your phone or your computer storage. You can also add the link URL after uploading the picture and customize the details according to your needs.

3rd Step to  Adjust Photo quality

Get the desired image. Adjust Photo quality and photo dimensions (height and width). The website will also show you the original size and resolution below the image. 

Once you have set the details, press the button called- compress. Within seconds, the compressed image will be available. Along with the image, one will show you the output size and resolution, the space you saved.

Step 4 - Reduction percentage. Click on download and save the image.

Last and Final Step to downlad image with reduce size

Step 5 - If you wish to alter the photo, then all you need to do is click on the bottom tab, which says- Try another image. offers Faster and better outcomes. Resize your image quickly while preserving the quality of your content. Free to use, with simple instructions. We can compress and shrink your image to save a lot of space on your phone or computer storage, and we support images in practically all file types, including JPG, JPEG, PNG, WEBP.

We offer various services and alternatives to edit, personalize and adjust the photo's characteristics according to your demands, unlike some websites that simply provide to resize the images. You may change photos' size, quality, and resolution, among other things. We put hard effort into satisfying our customers.

Learning Guide to Resize Your Images


Here, we have listed some of the commonly asked questions from the community. If you do not find the information you need, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

Does the quality of the image reduce while reducing jpg image online?

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Not exactly. If one uses a good app then the quality remains the same.

Is it possible to reduce the JPG image online for free?

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Of course it is possible. You can find endless apps that render the same features.

Is it possible to reduce the file size. How?

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Save the word file in the most recent version of the Windows and then reduce the size as per your requirement. Then download it.

Is it possible to reduce the file less than 100 kb?

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Select the PDF and drag it to the input box. Choose the compression size and it is done.

How to compress the jpg image online

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Take the jpg into the toolbox. Compress it and shrink it as per your need and your image is ready.

How to reduce JPG file size?

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To reduce the file size of a JPG image using, follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Go to website.

Step 2: Click on the "Upload image" button to upload your JPG image, or simply drag and drop the JPG image onto the website.

Step 3: Optionally, you can choose compression options such as setting the quality level and dimensions, if desired.

Step 4: Click on the "Compress" button to compress the image.

Step 5: Once the compression is complete, click the "Download" button to download the reduced JPG image to your computer.

That's it! With these easy steps, you have successfully reduced your JPG image's file size using


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