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In this blog, we covered and twelve other applications for Android devices that can resize your image. We have found more than enough apps that make image resizing for Android quite simple. We tried to answer every question you had regarding image resizing and found approximately twelve applications that are entirely free to use and do not require any subscription.

The technology that surrounds us has evolved over the last few years. Modern smartphones can feature up to four cameras. Naturally, with such advanced camera capabilities, we can not help but feel the want to take images. Smartphones are ideal for instantly posting captured pictures to social media apps.

The biggest issue is that when we get a smartphone with a high-resolution camera, it always takes pictures with a large file size that are challenging to share on Facebook or Whatsapp. The best option is to figure out a way to make these images smaller because they take up more room in the device's memory.

It cannot be easy to resize photos. Most of the time, resizing an image will degrade its quality, particularly if you attempt to enlarge it. You only need one of the top photo resizer applications to get fantastic results when resizing your photos.

Why You should  Resize Images?

We frequently observe that the image is too large to share when we try to do so. In addition to size, we also deal with issues like various aspect ratios, file formats, etc., related to image size. In the android system, the web page is bound to load slowly if the file size is large. So, you need to resize such files to improve your site's performance on an android user's device.

So, to solve these problems, we must use photo resizing applications. You can quickly change the aspect ratio or crop away the unwanted portions of a photo with photo resizing applications.

How to Resize Images on Android Devices?

Some Android devices or tablets lack built-in apps for image compression or resizing. The majority of apps available that come with Android devices let you view photos but do not offer editing features. However, the Google Play Store has a lot of helpful apps for Android smartphones.

Several apps are available in the store depending on your device and Android version. Others might not work for you, while some might. Selecting one or more images and then adjusting the resolution you want to resize is the normal procedure for resizing an image.

How to resize an image on Android using is an android application that you can use to change the file size of your images by intelligently shrinking and reducing dimensions. It allows you to download the resized images for free. supports jpeg, png, jpg, and webp formats.

You can download application from Google Play Store. Follow the below instructions for using the android application to resize your image files: Step Install the app from Google Play Store on your Android phone.

Step 1 - Once the app is installed, open it.

Download image Page of

Step 2 - When you open the app, click the upload icon in the center of the page to add your image.

Home Page of

Step 3 - You can upload the image you want to resize. Keep in mind that you may only upload one image at a time.

3rd Step to hoose image in your Gallary

Step 4 - The image will begin to be resized by as soon as you upload it.

4th Step to Upload Image

Step 5 - It will display the original image on the top and allow you to keep its height and width or decrease it to a certain kb limit.

5th Step to decrece Photo Quality

Step 6 - At the bottom of the page, it displays the resized image when you select from the options.

6th Step to Compress

Step 7 - A download icon is visible at the end of the page. You may then quickly download your resized image from there.

Step 8 - The final download comes as a jpeg file.

Other Tools to Resize Images on Android


Home Page of Pixlr

Pixlr is a full-featured photo editor, and it does have a function for resizing images. It provides more than 600 special effects for simple editing and has many other features. 

It supports editing, simple photo alterations, and photo collages. With the app's many settings, you can easily fix red-eye problems and even whiten your teeth. This app has many features, including an auto-fix feature for color correction. Along with the option to crop, it can also add borders, effects, and text.

Resize Me

Home Page of Resize Me

Resize Me is a photo resizer for simple and quick photo resizing. You can choose custom size and make little changes like cropping and rotating using it. The application supports PNG and JPEG formats; you can compress and resize images as necessary.

Additionally, you may batch resize numerous images simultaneously, and the application maintains EXIF data. Similar to most image resizing applications, it is rather simple to use. Be cautious when using the batch image resizing settings, though, as there have been some complaints about them.

You can always download the premium version if you enjoy the free one because the free and premium versions are different applications. Using this application, you can rotate, crop, and set your images as wallpaper. Do you want to put your watermark? Resize Me makes it possible for you to do precisely that.


Home page of Instasize

A photo editor application is called Instasize. Along with many other interesting and simple features, it allows you to resize your photos. You may quickly edit your images with collage-making apps, editing tools, and photo filters.

You may sign up for Instasize Premium to access more fantastic features, like a vast collection of photo filters and the ability to use particular editing tools to improve your images. More than 130 filters, from more natural looks to more vintage styles, are available on Instasize, which provides various options for editing your images and videos.

Additionally, it provides a collage maker for your images and more than 100 borders. Moreover, you can use videos as backgrounds for a photo or a video, a cool little technique that most editors do not provide. Select an image, then select a certain canvas size, such as Square or Instagram Story, to resize your images with Instasize.

Photo Compress 2.0

Photo Compress 2.0

With Photo Compress 2.0, you may reduce the size of an image without compromising quality. You can choose between a low, medium, or high reduction level using this application. Select the reduction type you want to try and push the button to see the difference between the original photo and its lighter version.

Users of Photo Compress 2.0 can resize pictures by manually selecting the compressed quality as high, medium, or low. Users only need to select the compression level and press the Compress button to obtain a new image. The image quality of the compressed version never degrades. Users may quickly resize, crop, and reduce batch collections with this interactive application. At the same time, Photo Compress 2.0's pro edition has several new features, including the ability to save image EXIF data.

This ad-free application also makes it simple to share reduced images. Only ten images can be resized in the app's free edition; therefore, if you want to experience unlimited editing, you should upgrade to the paid version.

Image Size

Home Page of Image Size

Image Size is one of the best Android apps available that allow you to resize an image to any desired size. The most important feature is that you can choose from one of the four following units of measurement to describe the output format, including pixels, mm, cm, inches, etc.

Are you worried about the aspect ratio? You should not worry; all you need to do is click the chain icon between the height and the width inputs to connect the dimensions while resizing. As you make further width adjustments, the height will automatically adjust with the width (and vice versa).

Upload a photo and input your desired output size to use the app's image resizing function. After that, Image Size will resize your image to the desired size (with the option to crop the photo afterwards).

Photo & Picture Resizer

Home Page of Photo & Picture Resizer

Photo & Picture Resizer only adjust image size to obtain the required file size. It never affects the quality of the pictures. This app is one of the greatest and smartest tools to resize pictures on Android devices because it is made to keep the picture aspect ratio by delivering the resolution list based on the camera. Your resized images can be sent directly to web forms, Insta, email, Facebook, and even text messages.

All Android users can install this app for free. However, there are a lot of in-app purchase choices. With a user-friendly interface, it makes resizing relatively simple. Users do not need to save resized pictures individually.

They have transferred automatically to different folders on your phone. This application has standout features, like the capacity to specify a custom photo resolution, gesture-based image browsing, and instant social network sharing.

Codenia Image Size

Home Page of Codenia Image Size

The Image Size app by Codenia provides an easy-to-use and efficient image-resizing application. You need to open the image, choose your input size, and crop it to the right aspect ratio (or do it manually).

Additionally, the JPEG quality setting in the settings allows you to change the picture's storage size. It is a simple suggestion that handles all three of the most common ways to change an image's size. Ads are present in the free version but not in the premium version.


Home page of Picsart

Picsart is an app that lets you modify both images and videos. It provides a wide range of features and enables real-time user project interaction. Picsart offers the standard photo-editing functions in any app, but it also delivers more interesting and extraordinary alternatives, including object and background removal, glitch effects, double exposure effects, etc.

With Picsart, resizing a photo is simple. Select your photo by tapping the "+" icon at the bottom of the screen. Then choose "Tools," touch on "Resize Image," enter the desired dimensions, and you're done.


Home Page of XGimp

An expert photo-editing and repairing app, XGimp, was created to duplicate GIMP in terms of appearance, functionality, and user experience. The majority of the features from the desktop software, including painting tools, layers, and channels, are available in the app, also.

Additionally, uniquely for a mobile editing app, it comes in a landscape shape because it is almost identical to the desktop site. Because of this, XGimp is ideal for resizing and modifying landscape-oriented images.

In XGimp, tap "Image" and search for the "Scale Image" option to resize an image. A dialogue box will then appear where you can modify the image's width, height, resolution, and quality.

Reduce Photo Size

Home page of Reduce Photo Size

Install the Reduce Photo Size app on your phone if you enjoy sharing captured pictures on social media sites but cannot because of the large file size. This app enables direct sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and emails, in addition to helping you downsize your images to obtain smaller file sizes.

Note that this application does not compress photos; rather, it resizes them to a smaller version to take up less memory while maintaining the same level of photo quality. You can use this application to crop and rotate pictures and resize them. Although the Reduce Photo Size application is free, it constantly shows unwanted advertisements.

ShortPixel Photo Optimizer

Home Page of ShortPixel Photo Optimizer

ShortPixel Photo Optimizer uses sophisticated algorithms to resize and optimize your images on your Android device to take up less storage space. Choose the compression type Lossy, Glossy, or Lossless and other settings before doing a batch operation that processes all your images at once, or pick and choose which ones you want to optimize and resize. The cost of each photo is one credit. Create a free account to receive 100 complimentary credits each month.

Reduce Images

Home Page of Reduce Image

Reduce Images is an application that allows you to resize your images for simple image uploading and to share on Facebook and Instagram. Users can crop their images to the appropriate sizes for posting using Reduce Images.

There are two modes in the application: Simple and Advanced. The simple option, in which you only select the reduction percentage and image quality, is quicker. But you may be a lot more precise in the Advanced mode. To avoid changes, specify your required dimensions and lock the aspect ratio.


These apps offer compatibility with almost all recent Android phones and are filled with many outstanding features. To edit your large images quickly and share them on social sites to amaze your online friends, you may easily choose your platform. Make a sensible choice to pick the finest image compressor tool because, despite free versions of applications being similarly packed with features, you would have to put up with unwanted advertisements.

You can quickly resize your images using and other various apps discussed above. You can easily download these from Google Play Store to resize your pictures. As we suggest, is the best Android application to resize your image on an Android phone. That's all because of its efficiency, usability, and user-friendliness.

Learning Guide to Resize Your Images


Here, we have listed some of the commonly asked questions from the community. If you do not find the information you need, feel free to reach out to us at

Can I install on my android phone?

down arrow

Yes, you can download app from Google Play Store on your Android Phone.

How can I reduce the KB size of an image?

down arrow

You can reduce the KB size of your image using and other android applications used for resizing images.

Can I resize my images using on my android phone?

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Yes, you can resize your images using application on your Android Phone.

What file formats does support?

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It supports jpeg, png, jpg, and webp formats.

How can I resize a JPEG image file?

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You can resize a JPEG image file using and other android applications used for resizing images.

Which app is best for reducing photo size?

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  • JPEGmini
  • Photo Compress & Resize
  • TinyPNG 
  • PhotoBulk


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