Resize Image To 30KB Online Free: Instant Reduction in Size

If you are looking for a guide to reduce image size to 30kb, you are in the right place. Businesses always seek to upload high-resolution & properly-sized images to keep the visitors coming back and make the website's page speed faster. is an online image resizing tool that can compress image to 30kb within seconds.

In today’s online world where we have an opportunity to list our selling products online to bring customers, images have a vital role to play. After all, images are the first thing that people will notice about your brand in the first place. If your product images are captive, clear, well-optimized & properly compressed, the customers are going to visit your site again & again looking for a particular product. It influences their buying decision. 

Similarly, if you’ve uploaded high-resolution images with heavy file sizes on the website, it will affect the page speed as well as take up a lot of space on the server. Because of it, the users will not be able to load the page which eventually results in leaving that page and visiting another website. 

It ultimately hurts the Google rankings as well as users’ trust in your website. Page speed is an essential factor that gets disrupted by heavy image files and search engines decrease these kinds of websites’ rankings. Google always gives priority to websites that are easier to load and have higher retention rates.

So, what does it take to increase the retention rates on a website? It is none other than improving a website’s loading speed by uploading well-compressed & optimized images. 

What is the Process to Reduce Image’s File Size?

Many times we encounter a situation where we need to upload a product image on a particular web portal or eCommerce site only to be notified about too large image size. Also, we try to store an image file but it takes lots of space than necessary. Here, image compression ie. reducing the image file size is an ultimate option. 

But what is resizing?

Resizing or compressing images is simply a method of decreasing their file size without losing their original quality. In other words, the digital images retain their appearance and characteristics, but in a smaller size, so that it takes less space and can be accepted to be uploaded on sites. 

The smaller file size allows you to store more images as the space is saved while the time & bandwidth required for uploading and downloading the image will also be comparatively less. All this can be achieved using an image resizing tool. - Best Online Tool To Reduce Image Size

There is a wide variety of image editing tools available online with all sorts of functions such as 3D rendering, AI image processing, etc. Almost all of these tools offer basic image editing functions, including image resizing. But these software can be expensive and difficult to operate for the non-tech savvy. So, if you are looking for a free and easy-to-use image resizing tool, is the tool for you.

It is an easy, free & AI-powered image resizing tool that helps you reduce photo size to 30kb or any other size within seconds. Just upload the image that you want to resize and get instant results in a single click. The app is available for android & iOS devices. It doesn’t require any manual selections. 

So, stop wasting your time, money & efforts on Photoshop, or professional designers. Just download the app and get quality results anytime from anywhere. You can achieve a 30KB photo size in pixels using by following these steps. Take a look:

Step 1 - First of all, you need to download the app from the Play store or App store to your preferred mobile device. Or you can also access the official site of the app by typing in your search bar.

Serching in google

Step 2 - Open the official website. Adjust the image settings by sliding the percentage of Photo Quality & Photo Dimension. It scales from 1 to 100 (with 100 being original, maximum quality). Explore your preferences accordingly.

2nd Step to click Shrink Media

Step 3 - The next step is to upload the image by clicking on the “+ Upload image” button. However, if you have the image address, you can also upload the image by pasting it. Click on the “URL” button. 

Home Page of Shrink.Media

Step 4 - Now after uploading the image or pasting the image URL, the AI of the system will start processing the image. You will see a message that reads, “Uploading image, please wait”. It will take only two to three seconds. After the processing ends, you can see the resized version of the image along with the necessary information. 

4th Step to Upload or please wait screen

Step 5 - If you think that the results are good, download the button and if you aren’t, you can re-adjust the settings and press the Compress button. Finally, download the image.

Last and Final Step to Download image

Why Use's Free Image Resizer Tool?

The online resizing tool of makes image resizing a seamless, quicker & effective task. Plus, it comes with a user-friendly interface so that a non-technical user can also perform the task without any hassle.

No matter the image size, you can just upload the image and reduce the size to any unit within a single click. Here are the benefits of this tool. Take a look:

  • Automatic Resizing - You need to adjust the size of an image. After doing it, the AI of the system automatically resizes the image within seconds without losing its original quality.
  • Real-time Preview - Whatever changes you make can be seen in real-time to help you adjust the settings accordingly.
  • Free of cost - The app can be downloaded for free from the Play store as well as the App store. 
  • Supporting Formats - The resizing tool supports images in various formats like png, jpeg, jpg, and webP formats.
  • Faster Results - The resizing tool processes the images within two to three seconds. It doesn’t take too much time to give you the desired results.
  • No Compromise in Quality- The image-reducing tool delivers the images without any type of quality loss. It maintains the original quality very well.

This online image resizing tool to 30 kb is a free & lightweight application available for all the users to use with all the image quality goals. If you want to get the 30 KB optimized images for web portals or eCommerce stores or to share on social media, is the tool. 

Difference Between Compression & Resizing

Some people get confused between image compression and resizing. To resolve your dilemma, here we have brought some explanations and tips you need to consider. Take a look:

Image Compression

When it comes to compressing an image size, it is about minimizing the image file’s size in bytes. It can be done using any online image resizing tool or app. Let’s take a look at some of the aspects of compressing the image:

  • Size Reduction - Image compression will process the image until it gets the required size. This way, it will take less space and keep the same physical size.
  • Page Speed - Uploading large uncompressed images on websites makes the website’s speed lower. However, with image compression, your website loads faster and it improves page speed as smaller image sizes don’t occupy too much space.
  • Quality Loss - Sometimes compressing the images leads to significant quality loss regardless of how you save your new image files. This is the reason why compression is not a favorable option in the case of high-resolution images with an excessive zoom-in function for the website.
  • Data Loss - The image compression may sometimes also damage the image file’s data. This makes it compulsory for us to maintain an uncompressed copy in the system in case we lose any required file information. 

Image Resizing

Reducing or resizing the image dimensions of your chosen images is comparatively a simple option. It ensures that the image quality remains intact to the set image goals.

To resize the image dimensions, you can use online software-based editing tools such as Here are some important things that you need to know while resizing the image using this method:

  • Choose Correct Image - Sometimes we need to perform so many tasks on images which makes it difficult for us to choose how to resize them. For example, you need to cut out some parts or trim or anything else. This is why, when it comes to resizing, you should go for a simpler image with fewer details. For example, images with larger areas, a single shade of colors, a narrow range of colors, etc.
  • Select the Right Format - Each type of file format can perform differently depending on the type of image you are operating on. Here are three of the most commonly used file formats:

1. PNG - This format is used for company logos, illustrations, icons, and sharp edge images 

2. JPEG - This is the image file type used for photographs 

  • Resizing Image - After choosing the correct image & file type, you need to select the preferred size. The size of the image can vary depending on the place you want it to upload and its usage. 

And the most important thing is to compress a file after fixing the image dimensions. This will help you ensure that the new image file size won’t affect the website’s speed.

What Are The Benefits of Image Optimization For Websites?

As discussed above, image optimization is the method of compressing images without hurting their quality. Here, online image resizing tools like help us reduce the image file size while maintaining their original quality intact. Here are some of the most common benefits of image optimization. Take a look:

1. Saves Bandwidth 

The very first & foremost reason for image resizing is to save bandwidth. Image optimization resizes the image by 50% so that the optimized images can take 50% less space.

It will ultimately help the server not to be overwhelmed, which means more storage savings. Additionally, image optimization can also reduce the bandwidth/server cost so you don’t need to buy more space.

2. Improved Page-loading Speed

Being a web owner or marketer, you might know very well that a website’s speed depends on a variety of factors including design, images, website layouts, etc. but more than half of the website contains images. And this is the reason you should always opt for smaller file size images so that they could not mess up with the website speed. 

3. Boosts Website Ranking

Image optimization is a significant tool to improve your website’s ranking on search engine result pages because search engines always prefer websites that take less time to load. Optimizing images also helps improve core web vitals (CVW) metrics. It can result in boosting your position in search engines. 

Final Takeaway

Now you know how much it is important to resize or compress the images using the correct tools. Well-optimized & compressed images not only demonstrate a professional image of your brand but also make your brand user-friendly.

This ultimately helps improve your position in the search engine result pages. is an easy & appropriate tool for resizing images due to its effectiveness, rich functionality, and easy-to-use feature.

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Learning Guide to Resize Your Images


Here, we have listed some of the commonly asked questions from the community. If you do not find the information you need, feel free to reach out to us at

How can I reduce the KB size of a photo?

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It can be done in several ways. 

Step 1 - You can compress the image without resizing it or you can also resize the images by reducing their pixel sizes. 

Step 2 - Using is an easy & time-efficient tool to do the task.

What is the 30 kb photo size in pixels?

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The photo size of 30KB does not directly correlate to a specific pixel dimension. The file size (KB) represents the amount of data stored in the image file, while the pixel dimensions determine the visual size and resolution of the image. The actual pixel size required to achieve a 30KB file size depends on factors such as image content, compression, and file format.

How to use to resize my image?

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Step 1 - Open app or website

Step 2 - Upload the image using upload button and browsing the system gallery

Step 3 - Set parameter values and press compress

Step 4 - You’ll have the resized image on the right side. Edit the image further or download it in your system.

How do I compress a photo to less than 30 KB?

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Here's a step-by-step guide on how to compress a photo to less than 30 KB using

Step 1: Go to website.

Step 2: Upload your photo by clicking "Upload Image" or dragging and dropping it.

Step 3: Adjust the Image Quality and dimensions to get the image upto 30kb.

Step 4: Click "Compress" and then "Download" to get the compressed photo in JPG format with a file size of less than 30 KB.

What is the Pixel of 30kb Photo size?

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The pixel size of a 30KB photo can vary depending on various factors such as image format, compression settings, and image content. Generally, it is not possible to determine the exact pixel size of a photo based solely on its file size. The pixel dimensions can vary greatly depending on the image's resolution and aspect ratio.

Can I maintain the image quality while resizing it to 30 KB online?

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Yes, using, you can resize an image upto 30 KB online without losing significant image quality.


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Quick And Easy To Use

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