How to Resize BMP Images Online for Free - In a Few Clicks

The post defines, signifies, and convinces the users about the importance of Bitmap image resizing and compression. Image resizing is difficult, but has made it simpler through its user-friendly platform. Also, the post describes the perks of using online platforms and tools for image resizing and compression over software.

The beginning of digital and social media platforms has enhanced the demand and usage of images altogether. The quality and size of BMP images play a significant role in every aspect of graphics and design. It is one of the main reasons people are obsessed with resizing various photos per their requirements.

For posting pictures on social media images, one should have proper dimensions of the images. The dimensions of the pictures are essential for filling online forms because each condition prescribes specific image dimensions. It effectively resizes BMP images of all sizes without constraints or hassles.

What is a Bitmap Image? 

A Bitmap Image is a particular form of an image made up of a map of bits. It is a form of an image file that the graphic designing and raster graphics industries mainly use. The bitmap images use bits to portray the photos' foreground color, background color, and other aspects.

The bitmap images are used primarily in the graphics-based industries as designers can modify them easily compared to different image file formats. BMP format is the file extension for a bitmap image.

What are the Perks of using Bitmap Image?

The BMP image format is trendy, and graphics and design-based industries use them on a large scale due to some advantages. Some of the perks provided by bitmap images are –

  • Since the image format is trendy and extensively used, the BMP images can be modified, altered, and edited on almost all platforms or design software. Thus, it allows designers to change the BMP images at their convenience.
  • Compared to other file formats like JPEG, JPG, PNG, etc., the Bitmap file format is easier to read, modify, and compress. It makes it simpler for the users to work on BMP image formats over other image formats.
  • The Bitmap images use pixels to store the color data of the photos. The use of pixels enhances the crispness and clarity of the pictures compared to other image file formats. It is one of the advantages that BMP images provide to users.
  • The BMP images are relatively versatile as they support almost all color depths, profiles, alpha channels, compressions, etc. Thus, BMP images are much more flexible and crisp than other image formats.

These are some advantages of using Bitmap Images over other image formats.

What is Image Resizing?

Many users may not know about the concept or process of image resizing. Image resizing is the process by which images of different file types and dimensions can be resized in a custom manner.

The best part of resizing BMP images is the quality of the image remains intact, and the size of the images also reduces. It is a popular concept used in many software and tools to modify the BMP images' size and dimensions.

The image resizing tools and platforms like are designed in such a manner that they can change or alter images of png, jpg, jpeg, or webp file types.

Top 6 Reasons for Resizing BMP Images

Several factors play a significant role in the resizing of images. Some of the essential reasons for resizing images are –

Printing High-Quality Images

Printing is among the most common ways of promotion and advertisement. Apart from marketing, millions of users around the globe print pictures and moments. However, one significant aspect one should consider before printing images is their quality and dimensions.

Each photograph should have clarity and particular dimensions before printing, with the help of view resizing platforms like, you can resize the images as per your requirement without compromising the quality of the image. So, printing is one of the main reasons resizing tools and images are in much demand nowadays.

Posting Images on Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are one of the critical elements of the digital world. Millions of users across the globe are obsessed with these social media platforms. The main motive of the users on these social media platforms is to post pictures and gain engagement from their followers.

However, the photos must be of acceptable quality and dimensions to fulfill the reason for better interaction. The picture resizing tools and platforms resize the images and make them ideal for posting on social media platforms. Social media platforms have enhanced the demand for resizing tools and platforms nowadays.

Product Images for E-Commerce based Websites

Online shopping platforms have significantly impacted the development of online media. Users are obsessed with online shopping platforms due to the simplicity they offer to the users and customers. However, product images play a significant role in the buying of products by customers.

If you are a seller and want to grow your business on online platforms, you should be very particular about the quality and size of the product images. With the help of picture resizing tools like, you can easily resize your product images and post high-quality resized images on social media websites.

Cover Images for Social Media 

Cover photos are an essential element of social media platforms. The dimensions of cover photos have different constraints on various social media platforms. Using resizing tools or platforms for creating cover photos.

They offer preset sizes based on social platforms. It reduces the hassles of cropping photos for posting them as social media covers. It is one of the practical uses of resizing tools and platforms.

Optimized Images for the Websites

Optimization is a significant part of a website's smooth and proper running. Different factors are responsible for a website's smooth running, including file types attached to the website, size of the files, etc.

So, to develop a proper and smooth webpage, it is essential to upload photos that are less in size and possess good quality. The picture resizing tools reduces the load of compressing the size of the images by reducing their size and altering their dimensions without affecting their quality. It is one of the significant reasons that website development industries use picture resizing tools and platforms.

Responsive Images for Different Devices

The introduction of responsive images is due to different devices in the market. Devices like smartphones, desktops, laptops, tablets, etc., have different dimensions, and websites are developed based on them. So, the image sizes of the websites also get altered based on the device's dimensions.

The picture resizing tools play an essential role in creating such responsive images. The photo resizing tools and platforms make creating responsive images much more straightforward. These are some of the six significant reasons that have boosted the demand for picture resizing tools and platforms like

So, suppose you are developing a responsive website for your company or business or planning to post ideal images on your social media handles. In that case, you should opt for picture resizing platforms.

Perks of Resizing BMP Images Using Image Resizing Platforms

There are several reasons that users prefer to alter the dimensions or resize their Bitmap images using online platforms. Some of the perks of resizing images using online tools and platforms are –

  • One of the significant benefits of using online resizing image platforms over other tools and software is they are simple to use. The best part of using platforms like is that all users, including beginners, can use the platform.
  • Preset dimensions for resizing and altering the dimensions of bitmap images is a significant advantage of using online image resizing tools. With the help of these resizing platforms, you can easily modify the dimensions of an image for cover photos, social media posts, websites, etc.
  • The image resizing platforms develop so that they do not compromise the quality of the photos. A picture resized to any dimensions will be ideal for posting or printing purposes.
  • These image resizing platforms support all kinds of image file types. So, they serve as a one-stop solution for resizing images of all types.

Different types of Image Resizing Platforms 


Home Page of

With a few parameter value inputs, you can easily resize BMP images using It helps resize bulk BMP images at an advanced level and provides good results.


Home Page of

Here, you can upload your BMP image file and resize it to whichever size you want. It reduces the size of your image in three simple steps- Upload, Select, and Download.

3. PIXresizer

Home Page of PIXresizer

You can make certain changes to your pictures before posting using PIXresizer. It provides quality image optimisation so that you can use the image for various other purposes. 

Using to resize PNG, JPG, JPEG, or WEBP images offers great perks to the users that make it preferable over other platforms. Some of the reasons that you should prefer are –

  • is a user-friendly platform for users of all skill sets. Even beginners can use to compile and resize images without hassles.
  • It resizes the images without affecting the quality of the pictures. So, it is a very reliable platform for cropping and resizing images.
  • The best part of is it supports all kinds of image formats, including png, jpeg, jpg, webp, etc. So, the users get huge options in terms of file type for resizing the images.
  • The platform can resize images with dimensions up to 5000 x 5000 pixels. So, it is well conclusive that can handle and resize high-resolution pictures and illustrations.
  • The Mobile App version is also availed by so that users can resize the images on mobiles with the same efficiency.
  • offers its services to users free of cost. It is one of the finest perks of choosing over other platforms for image resizing.

These are some of the significant features of, which make it better and preferable to its competitors.

Wrapping Up

Image resizing and compression are vital components of graphic and web design. have reduced the loads of resizing the Bitmap images through its user-friendly platform. So, if you are willing to opt for a reliable and efficient image resizing and compression platform, Shrink. media is perfect for you.

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Learning Guide to Resize Your Images


Here, we have listed some of the commonly asked questions from the community. If you do not find the information you need, feel free to reach out to us at

Is it possible to resize BMP images?

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Yes, it is!

How one can resize BMP images?

down arrow

Choose a BMP image and simply go to the white area to select the image. Wait for the process to finish and download it.

BMP files are larger than usual, why?

down arrow

Some people regard BMP image as true images as one cannot compress them on their own. Hence they end up taking a huge space in your phone memory.

Can you actually edit any BMP image?

down arrow

Yes you can with some simple edits. Later save the image in your desired location.

How to edit png, JPG, JPEG or webp images using

down arrow

Step 1 - Go to the app. 

Step 2 - Choose the image and the format you want. 

Step 3 - Follow the process, followed by the size you want. Whether it is in PNG, JPEG, JPG or webp, everything is possible by following some simple steps. 

Step 4 - You don’t have to be a tech person. Choose the image. Select the format. Let it process. Download it and it is ready to use!

Why are BMP files so large?

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BMP (Bitmap) files are typically larger compared to other image file formats because they are uncompressed, meaning they store pixel data in a raw format without any compression applied. This results in a larger file size as each pixel is stored with full-color information, leading to more detailed and higher-quality images and larger file sizes. 

Due to their lack of compression, BMP files are not as efficient in terms of storage space as other compressed file formats like JPEG or PNG, which use compression algorithms to reduce file size without compromising image quality.


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