Resizing Image to 100 KB Online Free (Step by Step Guide)

Irrespective of whether you operate a web page, work as a social media marketer, a blogger, or something else, being able to resize photos without compromising its quality is a very crucial ability.  Thankfully, the procedure is simple because there are so many free and paid tools online, and the best among them is Read more to know more.

People who view or will view your blog, website or social media account, anticipate properly sized, high-quality pictures whether you're developing a website, writing a blog content, or administering an account on social media for your organisation. You can ensure that your company appears professional and win users over by understanding how to resize pictures without sacrificing image quality. 

Whilst using pictures on your own website, loading speed is yet another important factor to consider. High-quality pictures possess larger file sizes, that might also end up causing lacklustre performance and a bad consumer experience.

Inside this article, we'll go through exactly how to compress a photograph without sacrificing image quality. In an effort to assist you choose the best image resizing application for your website. Here we are going to discuss how to employ to reduce the size of any of your images to 100 kb.

Pictures for Digital Applications have Witnessed three Changes.

1. It really seems like we have got the accessibility of HD cameras just about anywhere. Even conventional "point and click" style cameras can take high-quality photographs, and it looks like every smartphone has an HD camera. Digital SLRs have indeed actually gone down.

The download size of HD pictures is, however, by their very nature, enormous. Clicking photographs that are 2MB to 20MB individually is not uncommon. When you aggregate even ten of them, a significant amount of data is shown.

2. The speed of the internet has speeded up. It has become a lot quicker to download HD pictures from web pages, blogs, and emails than it had been in the past. Think about how challenging it has always been in the past to load even a decent image back when dial-up was the only alternative. The surge in image size has exceeded that of internet speeds.

3. It appears as though we are running out of patience. With virtually infinite alternatives, we are living in an environment that is side tracked. It has frequently been stated that if a webpage ends up taking more than four seconds to open, the user is most likely to give up and look somewhere else for the information.

The instantaneous gratification culture and the lightning-fast load times of many slim webpages have in a variety of ways negatively affected our patience. You already find yourself in a tough position if your photos require a lot of time to display.

What Therefore Thought to be your Goal?

We're seeking for photo files that are no larger than 100kb in size as a standard rule of thumb. These really are simple to email and take up relatively little space, and we know that they will load within less than one second in the majority of the internet apps.

Aiming for the shortest file size without compromising the image's quality is exactly what image optimization is really all about. This is influenced by a diverse range of things. Included among them are elements like image size, resolution, and file type. For the time being, the factor that we are able to manage, tends to give us the most "bang for buck" is image size.

Every once in a while, we need photos that are large, perfectly clear, and glossy. Nevertheless, 90% of the time, a visual is considered necessary to communicate the intended message. It's relatively rare for a photograph to occupy more than half of a desktop or laptop monitor with less than 2000 pixels when it is being used in blogs or on your social media page (I'm talking about these types of displays).

These circumstances are right for a photograph with a dimension of at least 800 pixels wide by 600 pixels height. The size of the file is appropriate as well (about 100kb). To sum it up, our objective is to produce photographs that are 800x600 pixels and are under 100kb in size. To achieve this objective, our app is going to be your best bet.

Why Resizing Images Is Absolutely Essential Without Losing Any quality?

Imagine two e-commerce platforms both of which are offering the very same pair of shoes, but one includes product screenshots that seem to be blurry or deformed whereas the other website has ones that are absolutely clear. Which online retailer will you most likely decide to buy from?

In addition to facilitating browsing and purchase, properly structured photos also exert professional competence. On the other hand, poor quality images may strongly imply incompetence. How can your products be precise if you can't get your pictures right?

Photographs which are inadequately resized additionally have an impact on the effectiveness of sites on the internet in addition to the above-mentioned techniques. Big, high-resolution pictures may look more attractive at the very first sight, but they come with large file sizes. As a consequence, it will take much longer for browsers to load them, lengthening the time that it takes for your webpage to fully load.

This extra added load time is often completely unnecessary. Let's say you have a 2000 × 2000 pixel image, but the container it will be embedded in is just 200 by 200 pixels. Despite the fact it is confined to a much lesser display area in such a scenario, your browser nevertheless loads every pixel. That indicates that 10 times as much data as is considered necessary has to be loaded by the browser.

When resizing your pictures, you should not really set a target width or height. It will be contingent on a variety of elements, such as where you position them on your webpage, if the big chunk of your visitors uses mobile or desktop, and other concerns.

Nevertheless, a generally accepted rule of thumb says that you ought to balance having a small file size with a high level of quality. A file size for a photo of 100 KB or less is often considered as acceptable. If done the right way, it will result in a miniscule proportion of loss in quality, but it will not be apparent.

How To Resize image’s Size to 100kb Using

Before proceeding, it is important to keep in mind that will decrease the actual size of your images and can also lower their actual dimensions, although this is not the main goal of the platform. If that's precisely what you're striving for, you can find out how to accomplish this by reading our article on how to make an image resize to 100kb.

Step 1 - Get from the Google Play Store in case of android phones and from the Apple App Store for iPhones without any charge or you can just access using the browser from your computer or smartphone.

Home Page of Shrink media

Step 2 - Access the website or simply just open the mobile application from your smartphone, then tap on "Upload Image". Every album consists of your pics, you have on your smart phone or in case of computer or laptop, your files will be opened, you will just have to locate the file where your desired photo is located and the photo will be shown. You should preview the image before uploading it on our application.

2nd Step to Upload image

Step 3 - This is the position at which you can adjust the compression ratio. There are two main types of compression which are frequently accessible to you: image quality and image size. This process of shrinking image size compromises image quality. 

3rd Step to shrink image size

Step 4 - By clicking the button located at the bottom will permit you to choose compress. By employing its "magic," the tool will decrease the file size of your pics. Because there is so much stuff to do, processing more pictures will take substantially more time. Although your outcomes may vary, in my opinion, the tool compressed more or less every photo pretty quickly and effectively. 

Last and final step to download image with reduce size

Image Compression has both Advantages and Disadvantages.

For a diverse range of reasons, a large number of photos you have encountered online this morning have undergone compression. Users will benefit from image compression by having images load more swiftly and having their internet sites take up less room on a Web server. Instead, then decreasing the actual size of a picture, image compression simply condenses the components that make up the image.

Size reduction

The key advantage of picture compression seems to be smaller file sizes. Depending on the file format you're using, you can keep compressing the photo until it's the size you want. Unless you change the picture's physical dimensions in an image editor, it signifies the image uses less memory on the hard disc and stays the same size. With the aid of this file size reduction, website owners may build image-rich websites without consuming a lot of bandwidth or storage capacity.

Slow computers and mobiles

Large, uncompressed image's loading times may be extremely slow on some electronic devices, including computers or cameras. For example, CD drives are constrained in their data reading speed and are therefore unable to display huge photos in real time.

Furthermore, compressed photographs are still essential for a perfectly functioning internet site on some web providers with stagnant data transmission rates. Uncompressed data will also take much more time on other types of storage devices, such hard discs. Data can load more swiftly on slower devices owing to image compression.


Picture degradation, or a reduction in the quality of the picture, can occur when you resize an image. Even if the quality of the image has dropped when storing a PNG or GIF file, the data will still be there. Image compression is a downside if you need to display a high-resolution picture to a person of any size.

Lost data

When a photograph is compressed using many prominent file formats, like JPEG, part of the picture's data is irrevocably erased when the picture's size decreases. Before commencing to compress these photos, make absolutely sure you have such an uncompressed backup. In any other case, you will permanently lose the excellent image quality of the original, uncompressed photograph.


You may have frequently tried to downsize photos using the standard phone functions, but if your outcomes weren't exactly what you were seeking for, it would be shrewd to look for a good third-party tool straight away.

On using the instantaneous resizing function, you can choose our tool right now and install it to your android smartphone or iPhone right now. By following these simple procedures, you may reduce or alter the size of photos to your liking which is 100kb on your smartphone or desktop.

Learning Guide to Resize Your Images


Here, we have listed some of the commonly asked questions from the community. If you do not find the information you need, feel free to reach out to us at

How can a photograph JPEG be modified to somehow be 100 KB in file size?

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You'd need to set lower quality score while compressing your JPEG. The quality score is a number between 0-100. 100kb and 800×1000 is achievable and also the image looks really standard. 

Online, it's quite simple to compress your JPEG file down to around 100 KB in size. To do something like this, we have developed a tool that converts your file into a 100 kb jpg photo.

Can I use this online tool for compression to generate an exact or under 100kb image?

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It is accurate that gives out free JPG image compression down to 100kb. Simply just choose the JPEG file you want to compress, and a 100kb size image will be produced.

Which picture types can I shrink down to 100 kilobytes or less?

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Any image format, including JPG, JPEG, PNG, and WEBP, can be lowered or compressed here without affecting picture quality. We also provide output in JPG pic. Visit the homepage if you'd like a higher degree of control over the size of the photograph reduction procedure.

What functions does this tool have?

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Decreasing JPG's size to 100kb is very advantageous to students in schools, universities, and colleges since it makes it possible for them to reduce the sizes of their JPEG photos and signatures to far less than 100 KB. It also tends to help job applicants with their online applications and web users with setting the appropriate profile picture for different social media platforms.

When photos are compressed, does the quality suffer?

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JPEG images may suffer quality loss whenever they are compressed. The result has been that each photo has a dramatically different resolution. Lower resolution translates into fewer pixels, which contributes to pixelated visuals. Still, if you are seeking for a quality compression online tool, you can opt for and get better results.

Do compression and resolution interact in any way?

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A photograph with such a higher pixel resolution would result in a larger file size when seen on a traditional display and could have a worse quality of the image. Use of compression has a tremendous influence on the diminution of the image size than lowering resolution does, prior to perceptual or real loss of image quality occurring.


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